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Great restaurant and jazz club

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Reviewed March 27, 2014

Had a nice surprise by stopping into the Canoe Club for a bite to eat. The burger and corn chowder were perfect and the owner, John Chapin was very welcoming. To top it off with a unique maple cheesecake. Bonus was some great jazz playing on the piano. Coming from Williamstown,MA which has its fair share of good dinning this was a perfect stop and will be back next time we are in town.


What it takes for excellence  White River

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Reviewed March 23, 2014

If you were not a gourmand you wouldn't be reading this review. So what does someone of your taste want in a restaurant experience? Certainly fine dining. But what else? Some things: A welcoming front end -- smiling host or hostess, easy access to a good table, a sense of welcome. Really professional wait staff -- knowledgeable, attentive but not overbearing, great sense of timing, personal attention. A great kitchen -- willing to make adjustments and substitutions to please a discerning diner such as you. Canoe Club in Hanover, NH hit all the right notes this evening. It was a symphony of delights. On Mom's 90th birthday another restaurant in town flubbed our reservation badly and there I was with a nonogenarian and her cane on a bitter cold night. I called the Canoe Club and explained my predicament. They were most gracious. The hostess seated us at a window table and placed us in the loving hands of Emily. She smiled and took us through the specials with charm. When I asked for an odd cocktail she assured, "No problem". When Mom asked for a totally different sauce on her Maine mussels, Emily promised it would be no problem. Emily and the kitchen conspired to provide us a fabulous meal served with style. And then -- the Canoe Club comped Mom her dessert! That is one class act and we were so very grateful. This one's a winner!


Enjoyable meal with neighborly feel

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Reviewed January 6, 2014

We very much enjoyed an unpretentious meal at Canoe Club while listening avidly to the wonderful jazz piano music of Bob Lucien. Service was attentive while not intrusive. Family-friendly and romantic at the same time. A middle-aged couple was seated next to us and they were clearly enjoying a date early in their romance! Priced right for families and informal meals with a bit of panache.


hanover standby

Reviewed December 31, 2013

the canoe club is a bright light in hanover's night life. busy, great food and ambiance, this place is "where it's at" in dartmouth college's hometown. there are plenty of great places to dine here but nothing embodies the spirit of the community as well as this place. john chapin is the consummate host. do yourself a favor and dine here.


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Celebrating the completion of my husband's engineering degree at the Canoe Club was a relaxing and delicious experience. Our courses were timed perfectly. We enjoyed every bite of our meal. The wine list suited our needs. One of the best aspects of the night was sitting next to the pianist, a talented musician who created a fantastic atmosphere.



I used to live in Hanover and now go back several times a year to visit. I always stop in at least once at the Canoe Club. I was just there for lunch with a friend, and, as usual, we had great food and a relaxing experience at a lovely table by the window. Owner, John Chapin, was acting as maitre d' and stopped by to say "hello" as he always does. The authenticity, attention to quality and friendliness of this place is hard to find anywhere. It's worth a trip to Hanover!


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A great place for a get-together  with an old friend. Good food, service, and an elegant atmosphere.



Dinner was among the best I've had in New Hampshire. Evereything was fresh, well-prepared, well-seasoned, and nicely presented. I'd go back today if it weren;t nearly 100 miles away.



The Canoe Club was a great finf for post-movie drinks and dessert. Service, desserts and drinks were excellent, as was the decor and overall vibe. The late night live jazz made the venue even more enjoyable. 



This restaurant is a well-established local hangout in Hanover. Great food, great location, friendly owner, and usually some good live music. A great choice for visitors to the hanover area!



The Canoe Club is one of our very favorites in hanover, and has been since we fell into it shortly after it opened several yeasr ago. We have never been disappointed. The menu has enough variety to keep one interested in returning as well as keeing a few good old standbys. We appreciate their use of seasonal abd local produce and meats - and they know how to cook them.